Project Objectives:


To investigate the links between

(A) types of manufacturing;

(B) volumes produced;

(C) levels of antibiotics in industrial discharges;

(D) environmental concentrations;

(E) potential impacts on human and animal health.



1) Quantify the levels of antimicrobial pollution from antimicrobial manufacturing waste;

2) Develop cost-effective methods for monitoring antibiotics and AMR in the receiving environment;

3) Investigate the proliferation of AMR in receiving environments and the risks to human and animal microbiomes;

4) Strengthen India’s capacity to introduce a framework for monitoring antibiotics in manufacturing effluent and enforce emission limits;

5) Develop low-cost, mass balance methods and risk assessment tools that predict concentrations and risk based on production loads of antibiotics & AMR, and make policy recommendations for international environmental standards for antimicrobials in manufacturing effluents and receiving environments.


Project webpage link: AMR-WATCH