Project Coordination Team (PCT) Objectives

As a programme we organise webinars and discussion groups to consider synergies between projects; the main objectives of the PCT are as follows:

  • To coordinate internal and external PCT programme activities

Alongside disseminating actions and managing dependencies we will also seek to manage the outputs from across PCT activities to ensure they are integrated with other activities and training possibilities.

  • To develop an early career researcher (ECR) network

A network established to promote cross-linkages across projects, facilitate shared learning and knowledge exchange that will add value to the initial projects by enhancing individual researcher expertise.

  • To develop recommendations for reporting in scientific publications

Following an evaluation of detection methods (chemistry and biology) and existing reporting frameworks we will develop reporting standards that all five projects will adopt for their publications.

  • To engage with industrial stakeholders and strengthen the Indian partner external network

Individual projects are working with external networks. As a programme we will build on this through stakeholder mapping exercises and engagement activities with local stakeholders.

In addition to published manuscripts, as a programme, we will coordinate the delivery of community level awareness programmes, “fact sheet” reports, workshops and policy briefings to share our findings in a variety of formats.